Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am bored

I am fed to the back teeth with being good, leg up, minimal walking and doing my exercises. I have finished my book, I have sewn faces on these small dolls and almost finished all their hands and arms, but have lost two arms so will have to sew up some more when I can put my foot down.
The view from the bedroom window, nice but after 2 days really boring.
I get up and wander for a bit, but cant settle.
the knee seems to have stiffened up a bit but I am walking a lot better.
This is really just a small post to say I am in the land of the living but I hate not doing a lot and the rest of the body stiffens up when I am not moving a lot.
Too many to do things going on in my head and I cant get at a sewing machine to do them, not a lot of time before Christmas either and not a lot done, or so I feel as I cant go and rummage in cupboards and drawers.
I will stop grumbling and go and find another book to read.


Wanda..... said...

Hi Penny...I've missed a few days of blogging with Thanksgiving and lots of visitors. I emphasize with your 'leg up and minimal walking routine'...I broke an ankle once. The view out your window is lovely though! I have the small Japanese fabric doll you created near my desk, along with the heart and fabric cards...a gift I certainly never expected. Hope you heal quickly, but meanwhile enjoy your books and view!

Julie said...

These dolls are so cute! I should really start something with needle and thread, but have been so reluctant...someone needs to light a fire under my butt!