Friday, November 26, 2010

My right knee!!

I am home, typing this very awkwardly with my knee up and not much to report except it was a very long day, there was a bit more to repair than he thought, I was up at 5 am and home by 7.30 pm and in bed by 9.30, even though I was supposed to ice it up until 10.30 but I was too tired to do anything but sleep. No pain to speak of. icing every 20 mins for 20 mins is also a pain and I am getting bored.
thank goodness there were quite a few blogs to wander through and emails to answer.
Thank you to every one who left good wishes.
Now to be a good person and rest for the next few days. I have things to do but bed is not the most comfortable place for me so I am trying to set up my chair so I can lift the leg.
I cant put up photos on the little computer so have to use this one which is why its not exactly comfortable with my right leg stuck on a stool at a most uncomfortable angle.
Time for another ice pack!


Unknown said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery. It must be so frustrating having to 'rest'. I hope we get to see your vessels.

Michael said...

good luck in the healing process!
/ Ingrid

ArtPropelled said...

Amazing to see your right knee! Now be good and do all that your doctor told you to do so that you're up and about doing the highland fling in no time :-)

annie said...

I do hope your rest period will be over soon,Penny, especially since it is so frustrating for you. But I am told that it really pays to give it the full rest treatment that the doctor advises for a good recovery. I enlarged the knee pictures so I could read what each one showed. I don't know which amazes me more, to see the actual knee or the technology that makes it possible to share it through cyberspace.

Suztats said...

Take good care of your knee. Hope it's much improved soon.

Hildred said...

Oh dear, Penny. This reminds me of one of my Grandmother's sayings, - sick-a-bed with my feet on two chairs! I hope the time goes quickly for you and you will soon be mobile again.

PamelaB said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery