Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am back

A very full few days has left me feeling a wee bit tired.
We had a good show and several champions, then to host the judges for a few days, the nicest people and we had a lot of fun and seemed to eat a lot and see some of our wonderful surroundings.
Now they have gone I feel a little lost!
The first photo is of the judges and their spouses, David and Gillian Sells from near the Welsh borders, who have Priestwood Stud and John and Beverly Batt from Wales who have the Abervegany Cob stud.
The photo was taken on the cliffs at Parsons Beach with the next photo showing the view to the west.
I hope they enjoyed their stay with me, they had some adventures (a snake) saw wild kangaroos, the wild life park (koalas and tame kangaroos, snakes behind glass and crocodiles) our beautiful area and coast line, lunch in the garden and all that goes with this place!
Then some of the roses in my garden. It is warming up and I know that everything will fade soon but the garden couldnt have been better.
This book came in the post the other day and I have been loving it, when I get back to normal I will get into using some of her ideas. I have always liked her books.
Finally a bit last my TAST for last week, I think I have it right it is called Turkman Stitch and was very easy to do and could make a good filling stitch.
I have filled in the forms for my hospital day admission, they want to know my whole life history and I had trouble remembering some of it.
I have the knee reamed out (arthroscope) on the 25th of November, but before then I am going this Saturday to Adelaide to do a day class with central Australian Aboriginals doing basket weaving.
Then the next week end we (Sarah and I) will drive over to NSW for a pony sale, that will be a 4 day long and tiring time but I am determined to get there.
It will stop me from worrying about the knee!


shirley said...

Sounds like you had a great time with the show. Hope your knee work is successful...Were you thinking of your knee when you did the turkman stitch...I like the wobbly look.

Julie said...

I sure will be sending positive thoughts your way at surgery time, Penny! I'm sorry that knee has given you such grief. Have fun at your aboriginal basket weaving class...sounds to amazing to be true! WOW!!!!!!!

ArtPropelled said...

That knee has given you endless trouble! It must be a relief to know something will be done about it soon. I'll be thinking of you on the 25th. The basket workshop sounds very interesting. Something to look forward to.