Thursday, November 04, 2010

New dolls and my rhododendron is flowering

My computer has been having a few problems lately so I havent been able to post. I am also pretty flat out trying to get the beds re made, washing done and house cleaned before the next guests arrive.
I made these little dolls a few days ago, when i needed something to do while I was resting and letting my aches get over themselves. There are another two on the way at the moment.
My rhododendron, who should not be growing here has burst into wonderful flower this year, as P who gave it to me said, its still in a pot, but it has grown its roots through and I dare not do anything to it but keep it watered and enjoy the flowers.
Hay fever is one of my problems at the moment as everything is growing and flowering so well and my nose doesnt much like it.
Went to Adelaide this morning and visited the craft fair, not terribly much to see or do so I left and went elsewhere to buy a crop o dile.
Sad news, Shirley who we visited a week or so ago, and who was one of the Grumpy Goddesses died last night, she had cancer but in some ways it was mercifully much quicker than we expected. No more of her wonderful dolls. As Joy said, she is now trying out her wings,


Julie said...

Hi Penny! Your dolls are really beautiful...fancy and fun. Dolls keep you young, you know!!!

Hildred said...

Your dolls are lovely Penny, - can you tell me how I could get to be a Grumpy Goddess, Penny, - it is an idea that really appeals to me. At least occasionally......