Monday, November 29, 2010

Orchids and this and that

Here is my lovely Sarchochilus orchid flowering. I bought it at the orchid show with two buds on it and now the trick is going to be to keep it going and flowering next year. I love it. It has flowered for about 6 weeks.
I have been playing as well as working a bit today, these are out of the latest Cloth paper and Scissors and are another of Beryl Taylor's lovely ideas.
I just happened to have all the necessary bits so I have been sitting fiddling today. Not quite finished as they need a hanger and some beads at the bottom but they look much better than I thought they would.
Next my terrible bit of stitching for Sharon b's pintangle we have nearly finished Take a Stitch Tuesday but I did these last night and I am having a few problems with my eyes and being tired so they are pretty wonky. I like the last which was the second version of buttonhole stitch with picot, I have done this one before, and the top one is supposed to be Picot chain stitch.
Like my painting and drawing, I enjoy doing these but they dont ever look as neat and correct as other peoples, but then I dont think I am a very neat or correct person!
I think I have perhaps been trying to get a bit much done today, and there is a lot more to do around the house but I am taking advantage a bit of the fact that I have to sit for a while and am slowly getting through some of the stuff I needed to do, but the lead up to Christmas will be upon me before I know it.
I have at least made a list of what I will make this year and who gets it. I suppose its a start but I have a couple I really dont know what I am giving them, family are more or less ok but friends can be a problem!
Off to stuff another doll.

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