Wednesday, November 17, 2010


John and I went out to look at padddocks the other day and there were kangaroos every where. Big old men with a few does and they were obviously mating.
I was explaining to my UK visitors that a doe (female) could have a joey in the pouch and one in utero so that if anything happened to the baby there was another one waiting to be born.
So a few shots of reasonably distant 'roos and some of our paddocks. It was a lovely morning and I havent been out for so long. It was very enjoyable.
Click on the photos to enlarge them.
Busy busy, mostly pretty boring house work, and racing off in a car with no shock absorbers to help feed one of my daughters new foals that hadnt drunk, I have never been so uncomfortable driving a car in my life, all the fault of the garage it went to to have an arial replaced! It is all fixed now but I felt terribly battered when I got home.
I am busy trying to tie up loose ends before we head over to NSW early on friday morning, so I probably wont be posting until I get back.
My list today was
iron clothes
wash clothes
sweep floors
make a list for John
water indoor plants
sew up some heads and hands
finish a quick painting.
hoses on outside
feed chooks
start making a pile of clothes to take away
make a list for tomorrow.
Better go and sew a couple more hands.


Wanda..... said...

Great kangaroo photos, Penny! I enjoyed them so much more than ones in magazines, knowing they were seen by you in the paddocks. Such beautiful views you have of the hills and valleys.

On your list...the "Sew up some heads and hands" made me smile!

annie said...

As Wanda says... I am so glad that you arrange your blog so that we can enjoy the photo enlargements. Is most of this land grass? Some of it under cultivation?If so, do the roos get into the crops? During droughts up in the panhandle, the rabbits ate acres of our young wheat. Down here, the deer are hungry enough to come close to our houses.


Andora said...

I loved the photos,that was a sight that we sure don't see here in Kentucky..hope you have a good trip,,and glad you got to get out for a while,,we all need a break now and again...have a great day!!!

Michael said...

sounds busy!
lovely kangaroos, fantastic animals. I miss Oz, here in Sweden it is cold and snow! love Ingrid