Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tiny Christmas Teddy

My older sister has a Christmas tree adorned with small teddy bears, mostly made by me. I didnt think I had time to make her one this year but found some faux suede in my stash and a small pattern and spent most of today making him. I hate making tiny teds but this one was remarkably easy, his nose is a bit gross but hey I havent made one for 2 years.
I am supposed to be a doll maker, embellisher embroiderer etc but she wont let me bead or embroider her bears, frustrating.
Any way I made another bracelet, biscotti for John for us to take away and the bear so my day was fairly well filled considering I tried to take the top off my little finger before I did anything. I actually havent seen how much damage I did I just wrapped it up in cotton wool and wrapped about 3 band aids around it. I dont want to look! Typing has been interesting, I keep making typos.
John wenr fishing and came home with fish, I am pleased and so is Oscar.


Unknown said...

This is SO adorable Penny!! I made several like this some years ago. There is just something about t-bears!

BumbleVee said...

hahahha....I looked way back in your blog and now I discover you make bears, dolls and biscotti and ...stitch too.... you must be me in a parallel universe!