Thursday, December 14, 2006

This morning

I took the camera out with me while i fed the ponies and took some photos. This shows the dry paddocls and a doe (female) kangaroo and her joey, I hope you can click on the picture to have a better view.
I dont know how many kangaroos i saw this morning, a lot. You can see how dry the paddocks look.
I have spent all day cooking, savory biscuits and sweet ones. I have also put up the tree and a few special decorations out, but I am not doing the whole house thing as I sometimes do.
It has rained here for most of the day, very light and very gentle, but rain! Probably not a lot but it has washed the plants clean of all the dust and the smell of everything is wonderful. The birds all went mad when it started.
Always a down side with rain, paddock feed will go off, but I hope we got some water in the rain water tanks, even if it probably is a bit dirty.
Oh and the strange looking trees in the centre of this photo are what we call blackboys or grass trees. I love them but unfortunatly so do stock who will eventually kill them, luckily we have some in the scrub on the hills, although even there this morning there are signs of large areas of quite big gum trees dying.

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