Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Ornament

I buy myself a new ornament every year and this funny little fellow was this years buy, actually I bought two there is an angel as well.
I was going to set up the Christmas stuff today but it has been so hot I have given it a miss and tiedied up things in my work room and on the dining room table, where a tree normally goes but at the moment is covered in John's agendas and my Christmas cards still to do.
It was 37 degrees before 9 am today, I hate to think what it got to, I havent bothered to look at the gauge as I really didnt want to know.Thought I had better draw something but we are going in to Victor for drinks tonight and have animals to feed before I go. Watering cant be done until much later anyway.
We are supposed to have a slight cool change, I hope it is better than slight but I doubt it.
Tony F thanks for all your messages, feel rather an imposter as my drawing is pretty awful really. I have this blog set up for emails to tell me when new messages come in and while the computer was with the computer man he was intrieuged(sp!!) by the number of emails I got! Cant e mail you personally.


Unknown said...

What a neat ornament! I love the 'roundness' of it.

BumbleVee said...

whoa..... this is tooooo weird....I have two ornaments exactly like this one.... good grief! You can check it out on some of my Christmas posts if you have time some day... this is so strange....