Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Coffee table

Sitting wondering what to do and there in front of me was the coffee table with a stack of books and magazines and the tv remote. I think that somehow I have got my proportions wrong but this is todays sketch.
A bush fire is being reported from near where I was today, had lunch with my friend Wendy and we talked about all sorts of things, reported on the death of a friends mother, what we hoped to do next year, saw the beginings of a wonderful leafy sea dragon quilt she is doing with others, looked at ideas in various textile publications and what we might do together. So I hope that the fire is further away than is being rather badly reported. Sounds a bit like a deliberatly lit fire, in other words a fire bug, the scourge of those of us who live in the country, especially when at the moment both Victoria and Tasmania have devastating fires raging over 100's of kilometres with in Tasmania many many houses being lost.

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