Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Aftermath of a bush fire

This fire was lit by joy riders who illegally entered a locked gate into a National park and got bogged and the exhaust of their car lit a fire that went onto ajoining farm land and burnt out most of the park.
I drove past it today, less than a week afer it had happened. No where near as bad as the fires in the Eastern states have been but a grim reminder of what can happen. Not sure how good these photos are but this was taken from the side of the road where the full effects would not have been felt
The ground is just a carpet of grey ash. The last time this was burnt was in 1982 and then there was nothing left at all. I would imagine that in Autumn/ winter a lot of these trees may sprout from the bottom again. I hope so.
I am learning not to go any where without my camera.


Anastasia said...

Thats so awful - how can people do that?? I just dont get it!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Many of the fires started with lightning strikes but human error and stupidity causes some as you say. It's awful to see the bush burnt. The fires are still burning in parts of Victoria and the smoke haze spreads to Melbourne also. Today is about 30 here but it is warming up further.