Monday, April 24, 2017

Wet, 17mm of rain this morning

We had 20mm a couple of days ago and then this morning 17mm. Quite soggy underfoot. We had a friend out this morning to give an idea of the value of any of my paintings, he is a delight and although I am not sitting on a fortune so much that we like he likes too. No one wants walls of lovely paintings or of good old furniture unfortunately. After he had been we went in to get the mail and papers and then around the bay, tide was too high and on to Parsons Beach, not much of a walk but lovely to see that lovely beach, it is school holidays so lots of young surfers were ouyt and about. On the way home we saw this lovely echidna on the side of the road, having seen lots of photos lately of the Kangaroo Island ones I was struck by the difference in colour, ours are so much darker. It always gives me a thrill to see an echidna fossicking happily about. Trying to sort out this quilt I am finishing off. It may take me a while to sort it out as I usually do the binding by making the backing bigger, I need to do some judicious cutting I think. ANZAC Day tomorrow, for once John is not getting up at dawn to lay a wreath, he felt that for once he would like to not get up too early. I think age is catching up with all of us.

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Diana Studer said...

Longing to be able to say - we had rain today. Our dams and water restrictions are moving from comfortable to frightening.