Monday, April 03, 2017

Here is my memory pod.

I made this in a three day class with the lovely American artist Sandy Webster over at Goolwa, about 40 minutes from home. I have to say I am totally exhausted but it was with a lovely group of people in a beautiful setting. It is always a pleasure to go there.Inside my pod are a scroll of fabric with memories on it. I will undo that when I am not so tired, a small stab bound book, the cover I rusted in the Grampian and another concertina book with old stamps from my collection, all with meanings, a roll of shifu I had made. The pod itself looks rather like one of the river Murray tortoise shells. A wire for first covered in tissue from a dress making pattern and then in tea bags, dried and opened and then glued on top. I have covered that with a light coating of beeswax furniture polish. A bit more to do, but I am pleased with it. Now for dinner and bed before the next adventure at the end of the week.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh wow! What an interesting process. I'm always in awe of the artist that thinks up these techniques. Also in awe of anyone that works on such a small scale. Would love to hear more about the tiny book that is inside.
xx, Carol