Monday, April 17, 2017

A lovely walk this morning

The only trouble was I was a bit out of sorts this morning and perhaps not enjoying it or John as much as I should have. Came home to more tidying up. The spiders outside have been horrendous and stuff has piled up that shoudnt have been under the veranda . Now to let it dry out a bit and then get out with removing spiders webs. Thinking about it I suppose it has been a few years since I got onto it all what with replaced shoulders and knees and not feeling at all well. So much to do it is a bit of a worry.


Robin Mac said...

Glad you sort of enjoyed t he walk Penny. I know the feeling about everything in the garden getting on top of you - I have finally had a cleanup with my pot plants, but the weather turned unpleasant before I could start on pruning the jungle in our back garden bed!

Barry said...

Hi P - the photos are quiet and restorative - may that be a balance to the creaking bones and the business of spiders. Wishing you wellness and joy. B

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

As we are getting older (65 and 70) we find the yard work can be overwhelming...if you let it. After recuperating from foot surgery and being off my feet for 2 months, I found a LOT of cob and spider web and dust bunnies that need to be cleared. I have found doing a little each day without over tiring myself is the answer. I hope you don't try to do too much.
xx, Carol