Thursday, May 05, 2016

Wild seas at Pt Elliot and a sleepy lizard

We have had a very large low sitting down south of us which has whipped up huge waves, the surfers have been loving it. What is also unusual is we have a northerly wind and its quite warm. We couldnt get on the beaches because of the high tides so went over to Pt Elliot and the waves were huge. I dont think my photos really show how big they were. A lovely walk, and just to show how warm it was we met this sleepy lizard on the path.


Suztats said...

Nice photos. We could use some of that sunny warmth today- it's cool, overcast, and threatening rain.

Penny said...

The sea gets rougher each time you post!! I love a wild sea -- growing up at the beach I miss it.

Robin Mac said...

Fantastic seas - great to look at from a safe distance! We have been watching that low. Cheers