Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A day of wandering

A busy day, boys had caught fish yesterday which we had for dinner, not so many today and they went in around to American River, we wandered around, in and out of the beaches and caught up with friends. I had walked to the end of our street to look at the gully there and picked some flowers, not sure what they are, a lovely red. We went to Baudin Beach and I took a photo of the rather nice piece of art work there, in to Browns and the Island Beach where we caught up with Branka, an artist I have known for ages and her lovely house,it has a B & B for a couple if any one is interested. Went round in circles there and then walked down to Strawbridge Pt, on a sandy track with scrub on each side and discovered the beach I had caught a fish on on our honeymoon, so many years ago. Finally around to American River where we had lunch on the wharf, coffee and a toasted sandwich very nice and a lovely view of boats and the water. Called in to see Indiana James and Linda Jenkins, Linda was not there but I bought a hat anyway, and Indie showed us what he was working on, a kookaburra 4 times life size. Fabulous. Home in drizzle to get the towels off the line, Help! Retrieve a long over due loaf of bread, but done in the bread maker so no real harm done.Off to do a few rows of knitting and figure out what to do for dinner.


Penny said...

Thanks for this posting! I love seeing your wild Australian wilderness.

marny said...

oh, how lovely to be 'traveling' with you! Beautiful pictures.