Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fun on the beach this morning

Very wild and windy weather again this morning, I went down to the beach early, photos really dont show what it was like but the last photo of the ferry coming in shows a very rocky looking ferry. I caught the terns flying, as I walked up the beach they moved along with me, Not sure if this is the best photo but it shows them all taking off. I rather liked the rope on the pole and the first photo was as it was just as I stepped onto the beach. I came off the beach feeling slightly sea sick, it was battering. we went to lunch at Dudley winery today and had a great lunch, the boys did go to the Chapman River and fished, they got about 3 bream and of all things a salmon trout. At least that was sheltered. I think they were a getting cabin fever.

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Robin Mac said...

I have been having a catchup - looks like you are all enjoying yourselves despite the wild weather