Friday, May 27, 2016

Brr it has got cold.

Below 10 degrees out side, the coldest all year. I have done the shopping, and bought this interesting chrysanthemum while I was at it, probably won't like the warmth inside but just for a day or so. John blew leaves around yesterday as rain was forcast for today, and rain it has. I rather liked the wheelbarrow full of wood for the fire. George has been quite clingy and made it clear he didn't like us going away even for an hour or so. I have done a load of washing, in to the dryer with it, and finished unpacking. Not going to do a lot more, I'm feeling rather tired and a book by the fire is tempting.


Michael said...

Ingrid says: almost same temperature as Swedish summer!

The Weaver of Grass said...

It was around that temperature here this morning but this afternoon the sun has broken through and it is a lovely, warm afternoon - and it is our Summer.

Penny said...

Sorry I've missed commenting the past few days. As our weather warms up its hard to remember that yours is cooling down. In July you will wish you had our warm weather while I will wish I had your cold weather.