Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Still wild and Windy and a small quilt

Too rough to walk the beach, sea weed every where so again around the base of the Bluff.There were fishermen on the small jetty at the end and a pod of dolphins were working the area, the odd smallsalmon was being caught by the fishermen. The first photo is of Shark Alley, there were some surfers out there, more fool they, but the surf was interesting when the wind caught it.Lowering sky and the terns have moved from the Island onto the rocks by the boat ramp, more sheltered perhaps. The quilt is a small one I have finished for a swap. I lost George last night, he must have gone out when John came in from a meeting. I didnt sleep at all well last night as he has never been out before, but thank goodness a few minutes ago there he was by the side door. Looking none the worse for his adventure and demanding food.

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Susan McQuade said...

The little birdie quilt is so sweet! Blessings!