Sunday, May 08, 2016

Petrel's, Parsons and Waitpinga.

Just home from a lovely little mothers day outing, we had a pizza looking over the beach at Petrel's, and saw a pod of little dolphins chasing fish, then on in gathering damp to Parsons Beach look out, one hardy soul out surfing there, along the cliff to look at Waitpinga, one fisherman there and then home the back way in gathering gloom. Not much rain in it, more like heavy mist but lovely to get to these beaches, although they are only about 20 minutes from home we dont get to Parsons and Waitpinga as much as I would like. Unfortunately getting down to them is a bit more than my knee can take these days.Now to get on with the second sock, I tried yesterday and unpicked it 3 times, I think I am having more luck today, dont ask me what I did but it was a mess. I think perhaps I talked myself into it being a failure. Double click to enlarge.

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