Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wonderful clouds this morning

I am afraid I havent really felt up to doing my blog for the last few days, worry over the terrible bushfires north of Adelaide and knowing we had friends in that area, terrible stories of loss and survival. I spent that day and a lot of the next watching here, although we were cooler and the winds fierce but no one thank goodness dropped a match. I am having a bad run of aches and feeling a bit sorry for myself, but have an old school friend and her partner coming for dinner tonight so have had to get my act a little bit together. My beautiful Section B mare finally foaled yesterday, a bay filly by the stallion we lost, I think she will be a stunner although had a bit of a hiccup today as she hadnt had a drink for a while over night and the mare was full and tight, but she is finally ok and getting her fill. I will put up a photo when she has unscrunched a bit. We have been lucky with our fillies one mare left to foal and so far 2 colts and 5 fillies, not like a friend who so far has had I think 16 colts. We walked this morning, I have to somehow keep moving, and the clouds were wonderful. I am trying to get some sewing done but am finding reading easier. Did I say I had about 8 chicks hatched? They seem to be growing well, but there may be a heap of roosters in amongst them. Better go and start organising dinner, feed George who has been a terror, as I mopped I think I mopped with a kitten more than the mop and feed Max and the chickens.

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Robin Mac said...

I have just seen the gorgeous photo of your filly on Facebook. I do hope your friends were unscathed during the bushfire, we watched in horror up here as well. Our Australian summers can be so harsh at times. I am glad your part of the world is still okay. Cheers