Saturday, November 14, 2015

Random photos

I feel quite sick, has the world gone mad. The news from Paris is heartbreaking. This will do no one any good. Perhaps a few photos from around my part of the world will help, I hope so. A couple of walks, two days apart, one this morning on the beach, the other on the cliffs. Clouds, large round bales, sea and sand. Finally a photo from my work room out the window. I hope tomorrow the world will be a saner place but somehow I doubt it.


Penny said...

Oh my, I do agree with you. Don't you just feel like you want to sequester yourself? I do! But then I tell myself that is so wrong -- I must continue on trying to make my little corner a safe, peaceful, joyful place for both myself and everyone I know and love.

Barry said...

P - random photos are good - love the light of the photo with the clouds. Go well. B