Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A bit of this and that

It is warm and humid today, we had a bit of rain last night, about 8 mm but I hate this weather and the flies are awful. We had a walk along the beach this morning and the clouds were threatening but nothing eventuated. John took my photo, the strange orange lady in a hat, one of Lynda Jenkins from Kangaroo Island. I finished off one of the country angels I have been working on, a present. she took me ages and I dont know whose pattern as it was one I had copied off, well parts of it, years ago. I love making country dolls, but they seem to have gone out of fashion a bit lately. Double click to enlarge the collage. What a day yesterday, the Melbourne Cup won by a 100-1 outsider, ridden by a girl, the first to win the cup, trained by a country trainer, owned by a syndicate who bought a $50,000 New Zealand yearling and beat the almost entire field of international horses. The lovely part too is that Michelle Paynes' (the jockey) brother Stevie was her strapper and he is a downs syndrome lad,so many good things to come from this win and all done in true Aussie/NZ style. I think a lot of tears have been shed over this and as someone who has watched so many Melbourne Cups this was the absolute best. I dont bet but I do wish I had!!

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Penny said...

We're rushing through Fall here and I'm loving it -- I'm not a Summer person either. Hope it cools off for you. Love your collage!!