Wednesday, November 11, 2015

One thing and another

I have been busy and now the weather has cooled down I feel sleepy but am trying to get a few things finished. the doll on the bed is almost finished, she just needs some wings. On the ironing table in my bedroom, away from George, are more bodies waiting for things to be done to them. The print of the Modigliani has been above our bed for most of our 56 years of married life, once the children thought it was me! I wish now. The original has just been sold for 170 million. Wow. In Adelaide the other day, the jackeranda trees are out, not quite as spectacular as last year, but this dry funny year must have some affect on them. It always means it is exam time when those trees are blooming. Walking yesterday in a rush above Pt Elliot we found this sleepy lizard and this morning it was much cooler and overcast with a low tide. My days, my weeks. I seem to get very tired at times. Walking over to talk to S this afternoon I passed one of the small dams and heard a splash and a quack and a big fox had tried to catch the mother duck and her ducklings. Right in front of me. I dont know if it got ducklings but certainly not the mother duck.No camera of course. Off to organise dinner, I am later than I meant to be.

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Penny said...

Oh dear, I hope the ducklings got away -- but foxes are very quick and ducklings are probably no match for them. Love to hear of things blooming as almost all the leaves on our trees are on the ground -- waiting for mulching. Your doll is very cute -- I'll look forward to see what else comes off your ironing board.