Saturday, October 03, 2015

Yankalilla Agricultural show

You see strange sights at some of our agricultural shows. This is the first of the local ones. We were there early as They can become very crowded as the day goes on. We saw both our daughters, one selling her heritage poultry and one showing ponies. I bought some wool and olives, went through all the pavilions and then came home. It was getting rather warm. Have friend P staying for the week end, its my birthday tomorrow so nice to have some one to celebrate it with, all children are busy, The sudden burst of heat and a long week end dont make it easy for the family. I really wasnt expecting to see camels, but there they were and I only managed to photograph their back sides! Not much in the flowers or vegetables, it is a bit early in the season but there were a few around. Lovely drive over and back but the dreaded hay fever has got to me.Off to watch the football finals.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Nice to see shots of Agricultural Show in another country. The last of our Yorkshire ones was last week end (Masham Sheep Fair), so now everything is beginningto close down for the winter.