Sunday, October 25, 2015


I have been making a cat, saw one I loved and tried to make my own, with variations of course, here is my more or less finished one. It was fun to do but took me ages to work it all out.The rose by the garage is flowering like mad, bit of a jarring colour but I love it. A wattle bird, or two have been outside the bedroom window on the red calistemon making a terrible noise early in the morning but fun to see, I took this one through the rather dirty window I m afraid. A walk yesterday by Hayborough, we havent been there for ages and the beach wasnt easy to walk on as there was a steep slope and the sand wasnt terribly firm but there was this lovely pelican standing in the outlet of the river. The last photo is of the view back towards Victor. This beach is on the other side of the town from where we usually walk. Very changeable weather, hot yesterday, very windy and cooler today. still terribly dry though and the wind is not helping anything.


Robin Mac said...

Love your cat. We don't have wattle birds here thank goodness. I think they are very ugly and very squawky. We do have helmeted friar birds though, which are even uglier and make even more noise early in the morning in our Scotia tree which is just finishing flowering. Cheers

Penny said...

Love your cat too!! I agree that the design and getting it all put together so that it actually resembles something is the most difficult part of any project. Once I get through that -- well, that's when the fun really begins!!

shirley said...

Love your cat Penny, she is beautiful.