Saturday, October 10, 2015

This morning

A few photos I took a little while ago, some early roses I picked this morning, this early burst of heat has brought them out, all old ones. A Yacca moth that came in on Max's food bowl, there have been lots of these on the windows at night. I am not sure of their proper name but that is what we have always called them. The moth orchids are still flowering, I just think they have finished and new buds appear, They really are a great I door flower if you can find the right spot. Part of my collection of bird houses made by the wonderful Wendy on Kangaroo Island, every year buy one, we will be late this year so I hope there are still some when we go. I love the way she makes each one different with little metal blue wrens on many of them. Then there is George, in his favorite place on top of the back of my chair. The vet thinks he may be 4 months, not 3, perhaps like all my cats he will just be big. He certainly has settled in and likes nothing better than sitting on your lap, not conducive to knitting or hand sewing!!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Those bird houses look interesting - how about a close up of one please.
That cat looks to have really landed on his feet with you and seems to be living in the lap of luxury already.

Countryside Tales said...

Love that moth! X

Penny said...

Beautiful moth. The houses are darling - I always have an affinity with the house shape and structure as art and/or craft.