Friday, October 09, 2015

From removing a triffid to a large branch down over the road

We came back from shopping this morning (and George's first inoculations) to this. A very large branch down across the road right over the bridge so no way around except through the paddocks. No wind although there was a bit yesterday, and quite warm. This is the trouble with gum tree branches they can fall at any time and this was in an awkward place. Council were short staffed so John and one of the work men had to cut it up and pull it away while John also had to warn drivers that it was there as not easy to see around the corner going the other way. Back to triffids, as Jo said in her comment this probably is showing my age as it comes from John Wyndhams book The day of the Triffids published about the 1950s. Worth reading if you can find it. My triffid was actually a type of native grass (I think) planted long ago in the right place, that grew into being too big and invasive and now in the wrong place. If it wasnt so hot I would be out there filling in the space that is left with some plants I have waiting but if we can get some rain and cooler weather, that will be the time. It might be early spring but it feels more like mid summer. More and more I dont like summer heat.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh yes Penny, I remember the triffids - so exciting at the time.
Can you burn some of that wood on a wood burner or something next winter? The farmer would have it sawn up by now and on our wood pile as our winter is on its way.