Wednesday, October 14, 2015


He is growing fast. Here he is on the back of John's chair. He is fascinated by the peacocks outside. Still roaring around after a quiet time during the day. I think he would love to go outside, but there are snakes around, and small birds so an inside cat he will be. Warming up again, hoses on and the garden looking good. Would just love some rain.


Penny said...

If there were peacocks outside my window I'd be perched there too! He's a lovely cat isn't he?

Robin Mac said...

He looks gorgeous. Of course he would be fascinated by the peacocks. Fingers crossed for rain

Barry said...

Hi P - George looks great and it must be fun to have him in your life. Love the photos of him perched on top of the chair. B

virginia said...

Such a little sweetheart. He looks really lovely.Nino is still going strong but having trouble getting upstairs. But he still goes out at night.