Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Huge waves this morning

They probably dont look as big in my photos but there was a very disturbed sea, lots of sand moving and some of it back onto the beach. White water all along by the shore. We walked the cliffs at Petrels cool but not much wind. A lovely walk and the purple mallows were in flower, not liked by the local greens as they are not local but such a lovely thing to see. I am trying to do a sort of spring clean in the house, I feel very back achy and when I look at what a couple or more hours of work has produced, it doesnt look like much. My great grandsons seventh birthday tomorrow so I am making a chocolate slice, low fat but probably full of sugar which seems to be the latest no no. Would like to sit and rest my back but still lots to do.

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Robin Mac said...

Gosh Penny, how time flies,, hard to believe your great-grandson is turning seven, I am sure the chocolate slice won't hurt anyone and I bet they all enjoy it. Cheers