Monday, September 14, 2015

the last few days

double click to enlarge. Finally a sort of decent photo of George, around the garden a new foal, born this morning so pretty scrunched up, a filly from one of our best Welsh mountain lines, a couple of walks. I am full of hay fever and it haws been quite hot and windy so doing my rounds of the mares twice a day is a challenge. With this warmer weather I am pulling the odd weeds in the garden, when I can and then getting over it inside with a very busy kitten roaring around. He is a delight but does have sharp claws.I am also having fun potting up some odds and ends, have to have things to look forward to.


Barry said...

Hi P - good to see the brightness of your place. Great photos of the cat and foal - all new life on the farm. One of the downsides of spring - hay fever. Hope you get over it. Go well. B

Hildred said...

Fun to look at each of the pictures in your collage, Penny. Sorry about the hay fever, - a real pain!