Sunday, September 06, 2015

Adelaide Royal Show

I went on Friday to see one of my ponies compete, no photos!! but there were some lovely ponies with our Rivington prefix there and a lot of them did very well, I wandered for 3 hours, about as much as I could do and here were a few of the things I saw, the plants were lovely. We had hair cuts and home to a very lonely kitten, he is a delight, but does have sharp claws and wants a lot of attention at this stage. He is going to be an inside cat so I need one who will eventually be a sit on lap cat, at this stage he wants to sit on my lap, but also to bit and play, so not much will get done I think. I am already having to move things around and he complains bitterly if I shut him in his area. Wet cold and windy this morning, there was a fire, they say deliberately lit a valley over from us in a house, I heard a loud boom in the middle of the night and couldnt work out what it was. I guess we will hear more tomorrow. I hope I can get some photos of the ponies when Sarah comes home from the show, so exciting and Isabelle (grand daughter) who is in the west did very well riding a galloway ( our horses are graded into different height ponies, galloways 2 heights, and then hacks) for some friends so all in all an exciting week end.


Jo Murray said...

Looks like the show had good weather. Lovely photos.

Penny said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. So many flowers in the pictures -- is it spring there now?