Tuesday, March 03, 2015


John had brought me in the two hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus dont do terribly well here as they dont like the cold and frosty winters but these grow by the house and are protected, they dont have many flowers but I like the ones they do have. I bought the yellow canna to put in a pot, it was a tiny thing but is flowering and sending up more shoots from the base. I like cannas but again they dont really like the cold. we walked this morning, overcast and grey and I thought I had taken a better photo of the blue crane but this is what I took, I did hope I had a shot of it flying but when I looked, yes it was there but so blended into the backgound of hills you could barely see him I am starting to make another, slightly different cushion it has trees but not Christmas ones. I really wonder if I am going dotty as I couldnt for the life of me remember how I made the Christmas ones to translate into this one, and I made a heap of Christmassy ones. Oh dear I hope this isnt a portent of what is to come.


The Weaver of Grass said...

A friend bought me a hibiscus in a pot for Christmas and the first few flowers opened beautifully as it sat in full sun on the window sill. Then I moved it into the kitchen where I could see it more often and it didn't like that one little bit. The next three buds just withered and died. Now it is back in its original position and another bud is developing, so watch this space.

Penny said...

They are beautiful. I love reading your blog at this time of the year when everything is drab, drizzly and grey.