Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy surprise this morning

In the mail was a lovely surprise, Kerry Keyes arrived all the way from America from Penny of' art Journal blog '. She is great and I will take her with me, as well at Matilda to the Grampians with me as she would love to see some of the country, but slept all the way in her box so didnt see anything of her long trip to get here.Matilda is very well travelled, around the world and lots of other places. Another cushion I have made and am in the middle of making an autumn themed one. Probably wont get done before I go but it is under way. We walked this morning, a lovely calm sea that every so often threw a large surge at us and we had to jump up the beach in a hurry. I went over to Goolwa today and at the shop that has cotton Indian stuff bought on special 3 tops and a dress, I like to wear the cotton ones around the place and when they are half price are not to be sneezed at. Not totally sure of the dress but I think I can find a place for it. Better do the feeds, animals are not pleased when I am late.


Penny said...

Ahh Penny -- so glad that Kerry made it safe and sound. She is now on record as the longest traveled doll I've ever made! So nice that she and Matilda can be together - seeing the sights.

Suztats said...

It's nice to wake up to a happy surprise!
The beach looks so pleasant.