Thursday, March 05, 2015

In the garden

John had a day long meeting and my shoulder doesnt like me much so I had a quiet day. finished off some embroidery, walked in the garden and found the autumn crocus was out. Then in to see how the pumpkins were going, coming along nicely I think. My chooks were out busily gobbling up some grass I threw in for the, These are the ones with the roosters, I have my chooks in four different places and these and the Japanese bantams are the only ones with roosters. A lovely cool day and I did manage to sort out a few things I have been meaning to do for ages, so although quiet reasonably satisfactory, and I managed to rest my shoulder as well.


Penny said...

So nice to hear that you had such a lovely, cool day. We had temps in the 70's and this after minus degree temperatures just four or five days ago. Its hard to know what to wear!

Robin Mac said...

Your garden photos are lovely Penny. I am glad you achieved so much and still rested your shoulder. You will be very glad when it is finally repaired (or replaced) I am not sure which. Cheers

Barry said...

Hi P - good to be out sharing your garden. Looks like we are all having success with out pumpkins - Fiona and I have harvested about 12 so far with about another 15 to be harvested. Love the intense colour of the flowers. Go well. B