Saturday, May 03, 2014

Wild seas

I wanted to get some seedlings this morning so we went over to Pt Elliot to the hardware there and then on to walk around in the less windy area of Frenchmans Knob. The seas were spectacular, I took photo after photo and these are only a few of them. Very cold today but we have both been at work in the garden, we have had a bit over 2 inches of rain so the ground is easier to work. i potted up a heap of pansies as well. I am now waiting for my bulbs and pansies to do good things, but I suppose it will be a while. I probably wont post tomorrow as we have a foal show in the hills, undercover but I imagine it wont be very warm, yesterday was the coldest in 30 years, sounds like a good old fashioned winter to me. Double click to enlarge all photos.


Anonymous said...

Wow all of those pictures are just awesome, perfect.

Jo Murray said...

We are having a cold snap too...hope it doesn't last, I HATE the cold.