Thursday, May 08, 2014

This and that

I finished off the vest I had been knitting, not a terribly good photo, easy to do and very warm. I went up to Adelaide yesterday and stayed the night with P, we went to several art shows in her area, always a delight to see paintings, good and bad. We also went up to see if we could get a catalogue for the recent Bonython auction of fine arts, which meant going to the lovely old house and we then parked the car and went walking there was a really nice park in the area. Out of order, the boat this morning when I met John for a walk on the beach, I rang to tell him where I was on my way home and we met, really nice but I have to say that having battled traffic and then a walk I am tired. a lovely day with P but I do find it all a bit much to do in one day. Sorry this is such a scrappy blog post but it is freezing cold out here where my computer is and as I said age is catching up, it was an early start for the last couple of days too.


ArtPropelled said...

Very nice vest, Penny. Lovely soft colours.

Robin Mac said...

Suspect you will need more than that attractive vest to keep you warm! I am about to dig out our winter clothing up here, though the weather is warming again after the sudden cold snap. Lovely photos as usual. Cheers

Hildred said...

Love your vest, Penny. Sounds like a nice day out and your pictures are beautiful.