Monday, May 05, 2014

Week in stitch and some odds and ends

Here finally is my week in stitch along with a photo I took while walking this morning, autumn clouds and the sea are always different. I picked the little vase of flowers and autumn foliage this morning but then couldnt crop it satisfactorily so you get the kitchen table disaster as well! Monday last week was a bit of a hotch potch of things, Tuesday we walked and there was a partial eclipse of the sun, it also rained a bit. Wednesday John blew some of the leaves as a lot are falling at the moment. Thursday we went to Adelaide to go to the dentist, a long day. Friday was very wet and a shopping day, too wet to walk. Saturday was very windy and there were showers around but we did manage to get a walk in and Sunday was our local state Welsh Foal show, we went without high expectations this year as the foals were very hairy and not in the best condition, then as it had rained all week they hadnt been out and had been boxed, have never seen an indoor arena and were quite naughty but for all that, with 2 judges (interesting as they very rarely agreed which meant a very interesting final for the Best in Show awards) But for all that we went supreme with the little Section A colt foal under one judge and daughter Tabby went Supreme under the other with her lovely Cob colt foal who went Best Welsh in Show and our part bred welsh filly went Best Part Bred in show, so all in all a very good day for the two sister studs. (ours Rivington and daughter Pen-nant. It was very cold and a long day, hoping for some photos of my little colt soon. Today we are back to autumn drizzle, not quite as cold as yesterday but I am enjoying having a fire keeping the house warm. a long beach walk and I am trying to get clothes at least on the line although heaven knows when they will dry. Cleaning out drawers in the spare room, what a job!

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Robin Mac said...

Only just finding time to leave comments, but I have been reading your blog Penny. You seem to be able to fit so many more things into a day than I can! I always love your photos from your walks. Coloured Autumn leaves are something I miss in the tropics. Cheers