Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another heart and a walk

I finished this second heart today, I will try and make another as I have a couple of Birthdays this week and next. They do take a bit of time but I rather like them. The photos are from yesterdays walk, we did walk this morning but I forgot my camera, I have a couple on my phone but I need to work out how to get them onto the computer! Everything changes. Our green turban looks rather different to the one Robyn Gordon put up on her blog the other day, this one is broken and about as big as they get, mostly we see the smaller ones, I just liked the way this one was sitting on the sand with the remains of rivulets around it. Needless to say rock pools fascinate me. I am listening to Tommy, by The Who, John has just taken it off the vinyl and put it on a disk, sounds wonderful. Reminds me of our first trip to the UK and staying with my sister and brother in law (both now dead) in London, he introduced us to it. I know its not really a nice story but the music and voices are great. I have had a full day, I didnt have Millie as arranged but had made a casserole and Tab was down with a cold so I still collected her and took her home, delivered the casserole, raced home and put on our pot roast which we have just eaten, delicious. I suppose when I think what I did today it was quite a lot, but I am still not getting done a painting I want to finish.

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Jo Murray said...

It seem that there are not enough hours in the days Penny. Your little heart is delightful