Thursday, May 22, 2014

Home from Mambray Creek

I left at 7.50 am this morning and was home a little after 12.15. a long and tiring drive but a wonderful few days had up at Mambray Creek. I couldnt believe how green it all was, usually the Flinders Ranges are rather blue looking but this time it was all green. I drove up on Monday, had a wonderful 70th for K with a lot of the other 'bag ladies', I dont get to see them very often so loads of food, lots of laughter and some strange and wonderful crafty stuff was done. More later but it was lovely to be away for a few days. Off to feed dogs etc and hope that there are not too many more fleas in the house, came home to one!! Must de flea the cat, again, it is so warm no wonder they are still hanging on. I havent had one for so long but I was a little suspicious before I went away.I hate fleas but Oscar has been out more than usual and we have new cats over the road that he may have been talking to.

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shirley said...

It is nice to enjoy time with our friends.

Hope you are able to banish the fleas.