Friday, May 30, 2014

Wandering our town like tourists

This morning we haeded into Victor early to walk, we decided as it was a reasonable morning that we would head over to Granite Island, we havent been there for over a year, I hadnt felt I could manage it with my knee, but first we watched the horse tram head out, it goes over the causeway to the Island. I love the little sculpture by Silvio Epogny of the fairy penguins. The whale tail fountain is also one of his and looked lovely this morning with no one around. The Island is one of the places to view whales but we didnt see any this morning, just lots of lovely granite rocks and the view of the Bluff and the Islands from a different view point. The longest walk for a while and then I went to do the week end shopping and home. Quite a long day, especially as I am trying to write an article for a friend and it is taking a little research, more than I thought it would. Will tell more after/if it is accepted.

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Jo Murray said...

Sometimes your home town changes when you aren't looking, and it is fun to take a tourist's view occasionally. Glad the knee is improving.