Sunday, November 04, 2012

A busy few days

 Yesterday was spent all day at a show, our SA All Welsh show held 2 hours away and with an 8 am start and a late finish.
The foal in the first photo (Rivington Sundress out of R Sunsilk) was born the day before and is by the 3 year old colt (Imperial Aden) we took (second photo) who was Champion colt and best Welsh B youngstock. The foals 3/4 sister in blood was Champion Section B filly. We did well on the whole as the A stallion was also Champion stallion. We didnt take our usual big team but it still meant that where we shouldnt have had clashes we did.
My gorgeous 15 year old granddaughter also was Best handler in her age group.
I didnt leave until almost 4 and by the time I got home (six) I was ready for a stiff drink but had to check on a stallion with a swollen leg, looks like a kick but this morning it looks a bit better and he is putting weight on it. He is an older precious stallion and in with a couple of mares, you would think he would know better than to get kicked but it happens.
Team Rivington are back today for the ridden day. Not sure how well they will go as we have UK judges and sometimes their judging, as yesterday is a little different to the way we do things here.
So this morning it is hot and windy and the hayfever is back and I feel rather as though I have been run over by a bus!
Walking Max and checking everything I had to take a photo of my Sparrieshoop rose which had been out for a few days but is now just a little past its best, and also similar but the flowers are not a so big, Rosey Cushion (I think that is its name I have had it for a few years now) which we cut back very hard this year is just starting to flower.
I have a very soft spot for single roses.
I wish it would rain, everything is drying off very quickly and the lovely Spring flowering is over too soon..
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Robin Mac said...

Congratulations on all the wins Penny, I hope your family do just as well today. I love single roses too, in fact I love roses and I was very disappointed that nothing had started flowering when we were down south. Very dry up here as well, chasing hoses. Cheers

ArtPropelled said...

Congratulations all round! We've had rain every day for weeks. I dare say the dry will follow as it usually does. Hope you have rain soon.

PamelaB said...

What an inspiring blog! It must be really hard work with all your health problems.