Friday, November 30, 2012

Doing the feeds this morning

 I am not sure how well you can see these, double click and it should be larger.
The willy wagtails have hatched out their babies down near the stables and although there are 3 I only managed to get 2 of them, they are still practising how to fly, very sweet but their parents are pretty aggresive.
I think the cows were late going out this morning as I was caught behind a mob of them, they have walk a reasonable distance to thier paddocks.
One grey pony stallion was waiting for me, but he is so fat he doesnt get fed! Poor fellow I give him a scratch as he stands by one of the gateways and I have to put the tapes down and then up again.
Huge thunderstorms were standing like sentinels over the hills.
Kangaroos! Well there were a lot of them and the ponies take absolutely no notice at all, I got a bit carried away trying to take photos of them.
Mother and child were further on in another paddock.
I am getting very tired and I am aching but the weather has cooled down a bit,
I didnt even have time to have a sit after my shower as we had to get in to do the weekly shopping.
Now that is done and put away I am doing this and then I will have a rest, until I have to do the night feeds!
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Wanda..... said...

loved viewing what you see during your daily chores, especially the kangaroos and the mob of cows in the path ahead of you(great photo)!

ArtPropelled said...

Oh what a treat to see the kangaroos right there amongst the horses! I suppose it's an every day occurrence but my heart is leaping at the thought.

Linda said...

What a beautiful collage Penny. Little willies are so sweet. I love your pony, and he is indeed quite the solid bloke isn't he. It's so hot and dry up here, driving me nuts. All I do is water the lawn, and water the lawn. Take care in this heat.