Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Textile play

I have spent ages on my machine this past few days, I started with the two top pieces, all in one length which I then cut in half and added some organza over the top and then machine stitched it all together. Which then became the cover for my next years diary. I am really quite pleased with it and I love the colours, very warm and central Australia.
The button I bought from an aboriginal man many many years ago at the Eumundi markets.
We had two foals born during the night, both colts but looking ok, and I went around with Sarah this morning to see where the ponies are and what feeds I am doing. Interesting! I dont think I had realised how many fillies we have, and thank goodness for this years crop of colts as we for some reason seem to sell them more easily than the fillies, even though here our preferred ride is on a mare.
We had lots of thunder yesterday and poor Max didnt know what to do with himself, a bit of rain as well which is welcome but not nearly enough.
A small Haiku by Shiki which I altered slightly.

The thunder has subsided
evening sun on a single tree
The cry of a bird.

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Suztats said...

What a pretty diary cover! That button looks interesting, too.

Julie said...

How beautiful, Penny!!! You know I love this! I must try something like it!!! I just saw how Martha Stewart taught how to sew a journal in a few easy steps...but could add beautiful cloth as well!!!