Sunday, November 25, 2012

The other coast

 This morning, as the road was closed due to a triathlon or some such thing we went the back way over to Yankalilla and then on to Normanville where we walked the beach.
This is a much calmer coast with not so many rocks and cliffs or surf as we have at home as it is in one of the Gulfs, although the jetties that used to service the towns have mostly, like this one, been washed away,(the odd 100 year storm!) when I was small this was quite a long jetty and you could swim and fish off it, now tides and storms have trunkated it and it is more used to sit under as shelter from the sun than anything else.
A lovely firm flat beach to walk along with shells every so often, I did find a very worn cowrie, as we used to as children, there is a reef not far off where we walked and I found the shells, we used to snorkel and dive off it in our diving days, and it was a nice beach for children, although in summer the sun can be very fierce, I suppose it is a bit over half an hour away if we go the back road, but somehow we dont do it very often.
Sea urchins, a sponge and possibly egg capsules of something, cuttlefish perhaps, or maybe just sea squirts.
Click twice to enlarge the photos.
You have views down to Rapid Bay and possibly Kangaroo Island.
It was a funny morning, warm and humid but in the hills there were cold clouds and we were much cooler and more overcast at home.
I have been slowly trying to get some textile stuff done, slowly is the operative word! I think I have been walking so much (and I have taken off a bout 5 kilos but you wouldnt know it!) that other things are not getting done.
Am I panicking? pre Christmas? Perhaps.
Tomorrow I do the rounds with Sarah to see how much time it will take me and what feeds I have to do, no doubt I will need a rest after 2 hours of that.
I may be too tired to blog!
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ArtPropelled said...

My kind of beach.... flat and firm for walking .... natures treasures here and there. Lovely photos!

Gwen Buchanan said...

So very beautiful Penny! such white sand. I can almost feel the heat reflecting back from it.

Wanda..... said...

Beautiful beach for walking and discovering....two of my favorite pastimes!

Julie said...

Good job losing 5 kilos! Any amount lost is good (unless you have nothing else to lose, of course). I got a new book that is so awesome, all about Florida beaches...plants, animals, shells, etc. I will do a post on it ASAP. It has pages of sea beans in it. Do you find many sea beans on your beaches? I have seen other bloggers open up the bean part, to get seed out, and plant it. I would like to try it too. Your beaches are so pretty!!!