Thursday, November 15, 2012

I have been busy

 sorry about the blog not being udatd but I have been busy, and then tired!
Lat night J brought this wonderful and huge moth in, I had terrible trouble taking its photo but you get an idea of it, about 4 inches long I think.
This morning we had a quick walk along the cliff tops, it is schoolies week, when school breaks up for the year 12 and they come down to Victor to play up, it can be rather a nightmare, so I went in to shop early and today not tomorrow.
I dont feel terribly coherent, but I will be back soon I hope, with Christmas getting here so fast I have so much to do and I keep being interrupted.
I hope everyone who reads this is having a better time of it than I am!

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Julie said...

Dear Penny, I hope the schoolers break will end soon. No more aggravation! You are always so active and doing, doing, doing! I find you to be such an inspiration to me! I posted the pic of your pillow on my blog just now, and some of the story behind it, and just want to say thanks again for your sweet drawing, and allowing me to stitch it! Thanks for allowing me to use the photo you took also!
Have a quiet holiday period. I have really slowed down what all I try to do any more...make everyone else do all the work!!! hehehe
xoxo- Julie

Doreen G said...

Hang in there Penny--it's a bugger getting older when parts decide that they don't want to work properly anymore.
I know how you feel.

Robin Mac said...

I agree with Doreen, and Christmas is coming far too fast for me also. I think presents will be non existent from me this year. Look after yourself. Cheers