Friday, July 20, 2007

First page of my stitch book

Sheesh I cant believe I put the embroidery on crooked! I dont know if it is the cold I have or my eyesight, I really do begin to wonder about exactly how well I see, I know I have a hole in the retina so my left eye doesnt see much but really!!
Apart from that I like the concept, pinched from Beryl Taylors book and next time perhaps I will slant it the other way.
Painting 52 pages of watercolour paper, well 26, using various inks and things is taking time.
John has a cold and is getting over it, I think I am half way through, I hope. 1 degree outside the back door this morning, 6 when I left to get the mail at 10. It has been cold and this poor old leaky house doesnt warm up quickly.

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