Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Yesterday afternoon and this morning.

Yesterday on the cliffs it was freezing cold .. again! This morning our walk in the Newland Conservation Park at the back of Waitpinga beach was lovely, quite warm and the bees were humming in the blossom in the trees and the clematis was out. Lots of birds. Yesterday on our drive back from the cliffs there was a half grown echidna on the side of the very busy road, on the footpath. I couldnt take a photo as it was not a good place to stop and I just hope no one hit it. First for the season. I was hoping for one this morning but no such luck. This used to be my birthday walk many years ago, about half way along it ends up over the sea on lovely cliffs but there is no way I could manage it today. Lovely memories though. I come home very tired from almost an hour these days.

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