Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The river has broken through to the sea.

These photos are a bit of a muddle as we walked over at Pt Elliot this morning and then around the river tonight. As you can see on the last photo the river had broken through to the sea, it had got higher and higher and then went. There were lots of sea gulls and two pelicans. This morning it was lovely but I did a much bigger walk than I meant to. It was a beautiful day, cool and so pleasant to get out and about. I pulled weeds in the garden but it really is so dry, watering with a hose just doesnt do what a decent rain will do. Overcast and a slight drizzle for most of the day but it didnt amount to anything. Just a beautiful day for living. I have sorted out another 5 doll bodies to be sewn up possibly tomorrow. I am still finishing the 6 I have finally dressed. A lot more to do.

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Barry said...

Hi P - beautiful that the river and sea can be joined. Given the number of doll bodies it seems you are very busy with creating and stitching. Go well. B