Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Busy day

I needed to get the ironing done, which I did so we walked a bit late. The waves were still quite big and coming up the beach in a hurry. I was caught by one and was wet to almost my knees. I am glad it wasnt cold. I have also cleaned up the spare room in case our son needs a bed when we see him, we hope over the week end. Never sure if it will actually happen or not but I hope so. Today was our youngest granddaughters 11th birthday. The time goes so fast, when asked what her parents gave her she said $100 and a chook!! I dont usually post quite as late as this but it was a busy day. I also forgot to watch the Melbourne Cup. Not like me at all. Well off to do some hand sewing.


Dottydeb said...

Hi Penny its Deb from the forum we were table buddies. Ive finally got around to finding your blog, what a lovely treat for my eyes. You live in such a beautiful part of the country. Glad to see your still doing some wire work as am I. I dont do much on fb but am on messenger if you want to say hello, I do post pics of what I'm doing on instagram under my full name of Deborah Parkes with a picture of some tall trees on a blue sky if you'd like to see. You put me to shame with how busy you are I'll have to pick up my socks a bit. Anyway lovely to find you at last hugs Deb

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I had to look up CHOOK. Did your granddaughter get $100 and a CHICKEN ?? just wondering. That would be pretty cool if she WANTED a chicken. My husband had chickens when he was a kid. He'd have them today if I would let him. I'm not up to raising chickens with two doggie terrors living in this house. Can you imagine the turmoil, lol.
xx, Carol